8 Best Knife Subscription Boxes For Women

If you ever wanted to expand your knife collection, then a knife subscription box is exactly the thing you should check out today.

Whether if you’re into hunting, camping, fishing, anything outdoorsy, cooking, or just cool, unique ufabet, yet high-quality knives, there’s a monthly knife club that has your name on it.

So, with that being said, here’s our favorite knife subscription boxes worth joining.

8 Best Knife Subscription Boxes For Women

Best Knife Subscription Boxes

Here are some popular knife boxes out there today:

1. Monthly Knife Club

When you join the Monthly Knife Club, you have 5 different knife clubs to choose from.

2. Knife Subscription Club

When you subscribe to the Knife Subscription Club, you’ll receive a new, brand name knife and/or premium EDC items depending on what plan you join.

3. KnifeBox

When you join KnifeBox, you’ll receive a new, premium, hand-selected knife every month.

4. Knife Pack

With a Knife Pack subscription, you’ll receive a hand-selected, high-quality knife every month. Best of all, this makes an excellent gift!

5. BUDK Knife of the Month Club

When you join this knife club, you’ll receive a new, fixed blade or assisted knife every month depending on what plan you join.

6. Knife a Month

With a Knife a Month subscription, you’ll receive 1 to 3 (depending on plan) knives from quality brands every month. With every delivery, you can expect to receive a folding, spring-assisted, knuckles, multi-tool, or push knife.

7. PostKnife

When you join PostKnife, you’ll receive freshly sharpened knives straight to your door. Best of all, after your first set of knives gets dull, just send back your old set (free shipping) to PostKnife and they’ll send you another freshly sharpened set. Plus they even have a plan for commercial kitchens too!

8. Knifey

With Knifey, you’ll get custom-designed, professional quality knives delivered to your home twice or three times a year. Plus, after you receive your new shipment, just use the provide shipping box and prepaid labels to send your old set back to Knifey.

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