Worried! a woman with a mustache

Who is a woman but has a dark mustache that is so obvious that makeup is difficult, face looks fierce, very manly, let’s see how to get rid of a mustache for girls. who want a smooth, hairless face no dark mustache Let’s spoil the mood when doing makeup.

Shaving often, a little tricky, doesn’t hurt

Shaving may sound tricky for a woman. But this method is relatively easy to do and doesn’t hurt. Just use a razor for women who care for their skin. And then I can shave off the mustache. But the disadvantage is that it may be difficult to shave often. and there is a chance of ingrown hairs https://ufabet999.com

Waxing is painful but smooth

Anyone who wants to uproot the roots, recommend waxing the mustache out. It might hurt a bit, but once the wax is removed it’s smooth and crunchy. This can be done in a number of ways. Whether it’s natural methods such as lemon, sugar that we can buy in the market. For those who are not good at herbs or do not have time You can wax the mustache with a wax sheet. or beeswax for waxing It hurts a bit and needs to be done quite often. But it is considered smoother than shaving. For those who want to smooth the whole face can wax the facial hair at all.

Simple laser, permanent hair loss

The most popular method is laser mustache. It removes hair by weakening the hair follicles and stopping their growth. considered very comfortable Because the specialist will project a heated laser light onto the facial hair or mustache. causing hair roots to become atrophy and weak But may have to do about 5-8 times of laser hair removal to really clean. And may be expensive, but if done often It is likely that the hair will be less. Until it’s gone

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