New collection from CATRICE Autumn/Winter 2023

 The new collection from CATRICE Autumn / Winter Update 2023 combines beauty products with outstanding radiance in this collection. This trend offers makeup that is “real skin” or natural that reveals. It clearly reaches the perfection of the skin and is also easy to use. Ready to provide up to 4 types of performance.

Perfection and authenticity are a pair that looks different. Like today, a natural “flawless” make-up style can really stand out depending on your mood and occasion at any given moment. This trend is therefore designed to suit a wide variety of makeup, emphasizing the simplicity of each individual style ทางเข้า ufabet.


New concealer with hyaluronic acid ingredients. Provides up to 18 hours of hydration and combines excellent coverage with light texture and ultimate care. The waterproof formula is quickly absorbed into the skin without causing wrinkles. revealing a natural radiance Suitable for normal and dry skin.

Beauty tips for skin that wants to look natural A foundation that makes makeup last longer with excellent coverage. Provides a “real” or natural make-up look that clearly reveals the perfection of the skin. Ready to moisturize from hyaluronic acid. and watermelon seed oil makes the skin look radiant.


With a luxurious rose gold package and excellent properties as a satin cream lipstick that helps to create a nude tone to the lips. Formulated with wild rose oil and vitamin C to help keep lips hydrated all day long. Available in 5 shades to match your everyday look.


Get rid of oily skin problems with PORELESS PERFECTION POWDER without silicone. Helps make makeup look very matte. Even more, blur the pores, adjust the skin to look smooth, bright, clear. As for the shade of the powder, it can be matched with all skin tones. Comes with a light texture and a portable mirror inside the cartridge for easy use.

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