“Health insurance” Things not to miss when purchasing

Insurance is something that helps to mitigate the risk of unexpected events in the future. Allowing the insure to use various rights. Under the protection of the policy In the case of health insurance is the same. It is necessary for those interested to study to fully understand the conditions and details. Before pen signing a policy contract To maintain their rights Which will have something not to be missed Let’s see it together.

What diseases or conditions are cover?

Health insurance will not cover drug reimbursements. Medical expenses In diseases that the insured has already had As you can see. The insurance agent must ask the customer for a health check first. Which despite some companies that advertise. That no physical examination is require But it is also necessary to inquire about future medical conditions. In order to prevent misunderstandings that lead to the loss of insurance premiums

When does health insurance grant the right to reimburse expenses?

After getting health insurance Not that the policy owner can immediately claim medical expenses. It is necessary to leave a period of approximately 30 days after submitting complete documents and evidence in order to be eligible for withdrawal. There are also exceptions where it is a group of chronic or serious diseases such as tumor, cancer, gallstones, etc., need to wait longer It could be a period of 3 – 4 months ever.

Can health insurance refuse paying customers?

This question is often encounter by people who have already had health insurance unable to claim their insurance. We should know that the company can refuse the payment. If applicable to the following cases

  1. The terrible disease that customers are facing Were examine. Found to be in the hospital’s medical history before getting health insurance
  2. It is a beauty treatment such as acne treatment, blemish treatment, laser treatment to remove stretch marks Or removal of hair on the chest, arms, legs, including Botox Small-large surgery for cosmetic purposes, etc.
  3. Massage, acupuncture, or other treatment With the way of traditional medicine or alternative medicine
  4. Childbirth or insemination IVF In case of infertility

Many of you may have heard that there are some company representatives advising clients to hide the facts about the disease. Claiming that there can be a way to protect this secret (If more than two years will expire the company will cancel the policy), in fact, these individuals are very few selfish agents who do so. To need a commission from the sale Which, if the company has check after that the information has been mask Then has the right to cancel the policy contract with the customer according to the law

It can be seen that health insurance must pay attention to various conditions. And benefits before making a decision to purchase health insurance every time. Should ask for confidence and study the information in the policy document carefully whether it matches the insurance agent informed or not. If you have any questions Recommend to inquire with the company directly is best

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