4 rules for beautiful facial skin

Regardless of the age and age, it is important to keep your facial skin looking radiant, healthy and looking younger. Therefore, understanding and getting to know how to properly care for your facial skin is always the starting point for keeping your skin beautiful and radiant. Let’s start taking care of your skin that is healthy for a long time with these 4 golden rules. I can tell you that if you can do all of the above, your beautiful, clear and younger looking skin is definitely within reach. Because every method will help take care of your skin properly. It also helps to strengthen collagen to the skin as well. But is there any way to go and see it at the same time?

Rule number 1: You must start with a thorough facial cleansing

Believe it or not, skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin, acne, to wrinkles. Aging skin and collagen deficiency is the result of inadequate facial cleansing. Because the most important step in skin care is not just skincare with versatile creams. But it is to clean the surface thoroughly. Both to get rid of dirt Cosmetic stains And what is left inside the pores When the skin is clean There will be no clogging the pores. Helps reduce a variety of skin problems ever.

Therefore, the first rule of thumb for people to have beautiful skin is to clean the skin deeply. By choosing a cleansing formula that is suitable for your skin Including choosing a cleansing foam that gently cleanses the skin Try to avoid products that contain substances that damage your skin

Rule # 2: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen. No matter how you never go out

Another thing that causes dullness, dullness, wrinkles and premature aging is the “ rays ” that come with sunlight and the screens of various electronic devices that we have to face in our daily life. Just here Therefore, applying sunscreen is another rule that should be done regularly until it becomes a habit. Because of the proper amount of sunscreen on a regular basis. It protects the skin from UVA / UVB rays and blue light from various screens. It also helps reduce wrinkles. Dull skin as well, but if you do not apply sunscreen These rays can adversely affect our skin.

Rule # 3: Prepare your skin before every skincare routine.

Many people may have encountered the problem no matter how much nourishing the skin with nourishing cream, how much collagen supplement the skin with nourishing cream The skin still has problems with wrinkles. Dry and unbalanced anyway Which these problems may arise from not fully preparing the skin before the maintenance. Because our skin will have a unique pH or pH value. Therefore, before applying any creams to the skin, it is necessary to find a pH adjustment aid, the most popular and effective method. Is to choose to use Toner to wipe the skin before applying the nourishing cream itself. So choosing a good toner is not difficult. You can choose from these features.

Rule # 4: Drink lots of water and eat wholesome food.

The last rule of thumb to follow if you want to have healthy skin. And look beautiful and clear, without wrinkles for a long time. Drinking the right amount of clean water each day is considered very important to the body. Because in addition to drinking water will help the various systems in the body to function at full capacity. It will also help the circulatory system work better. Helps the skin to generate more natural collagen. As a result, the skin of the face and body are radiant, beautiful and clear that everyone must say hello.

Another thing that is just as important as drinking water is eating healthy food. Whether it is vegetables, fruits, or choosing to eat supplements that help to strengthen the skin to be firm and youthful, such as “ collagen ” or various foods that contain collagen. Because it will fill the skin with food that will show the most obvious results. Which can choose to eat fruits and vegetables.

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