12 benefits of Cod liver oil

Cod liver oil

benefits of Cod liver oil is one of the first supplements to play a role in the ufabet Thai health industry for many years. Which if talking about cod liver oil, many would be familiar with each other But do you know what cod liver oil is? How does it have properties and benefits? Are there any penalties? And how is it different from fish oil? And more importantly, does it work really well or not? Today we have to bring the story of cod liver oil to leave your friends as a bit of knowledge.

Cod liver oil are a type of dietary supplements with various brands, such is the ใro of soft gel capsules or water or by extraction from the liver of the fish. Which contains important components or important vitamins, that is, vitamin A and vitamin D. It is commonly used in children and general age to help strengthen bones and promote health. Eating in the right amount is more beneficial to the body than eating large amounts because it can cause harm and for pregnant women should not eat. Due to the high content of vitamin A May cause abnormalities in the unborn child.

What is the difference between cod liver oil and fish oil ? Is it the same? Cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of sea fish as described above. Fish oil is an oil that is extracted from the head, skin, meat and tail of sea fish. And there are also differences in the value of food. The cod liver oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin A. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6, so they are not the same thing. And the benefits are different.

The benefits of cod liver oil

  1. Vitamin D enhances the function of the element calcium. Phosphorus as well. thereby enhancing the growth of bones and teeth
  2. Helps prevent rickets in children Severe tooth decay osteoarthritis Osteoporosis in the elderly
  3. Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of vitamin A in cod liver oil.
  4. Vitamin D can help treat conjunctivitis.
  5. As an antioxidant Protects the skin And the eyes from being damaged by pollution
  6. Cod liver oil benefits Contributes to detoxification in the body
  7. The properties of cod liver oil help in tissue repair and wound healing.
  8. Stimulates the body’s immune system to work more efficiently.
  9. Vitamin A greatly reduces the duration of illness from various diseases.
  10. Helps relieve pain in the body. Especially symptoms of arthritis (Isla Bosworth of the National Joint Disease Research Institute)
  11. Combination with modern cancer treatments can help kill cancer cells Prevent the spread of cancer cells.
  12. Helps reduce side effects from receiving chemotherapy drugs or radiation.

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