Take care of your skin, tips for body skin

Take care of your skin, first of all, let’s know the problem of not having white skin before. which there are many problems Regardless of heredity , this one is quite difficult. or behavioral issues such as like to do outdoor activities, to be in the sun often and not use nourishing creams or not to apply sunscreen This we can adjust according to our behavior along with skin care. But all this The word beautiful skin is skin that has been well taken care of. uniform skin tone no scars which is not necessary Clear skin must always be white skin. Alright! If the girls are ready, let’s go see how to take care of their skin better.

Apply body lotion on a daily basis

Applying lotion is very important. because besides Helps our skin not dry, cracked, and also helps us smell good as well. And now there are many lotions. Brands that produce various formulas come out a lot, but if the girls want to have white skin, it is recommended to choose a lotion. A mixture of whitening and vitamin C is included because these two substances will help inhibit the production of melanin in the body. And when used regularly, the skin will be white and bright more and more. The secret to applying lotion is to apply immediately after the shower is finished. will help make various substances In the lotion absorbed into the body better.

Make it a habit to apply sunscreen to your body

Many people may think that applying sunscreen on the body is not important. The answer is that it’s not true. Because applying sunscreen on your body is just as important. with my face Because of the sunscreen It will help prevent UVA rays that cause premature aging of our skin and UVB rays that cause dark skin. Not to harm our skin itself. And prevent the skin tone or uneven skin tone as well.
We should apply sunscreen before going out in the sun for 30 minutes on a daily basis.

Scrub away the scurf It helps to make your skin beautiful

Here’s another way. It will help shed dead skin cells away. Let our body reveal new skin. By scrubbing or scrubbing this scurf should be. Doing this once or twice a week is enough to keep your skin from becoming too sensitive. The advantages of scrubbing, in addition to revealing new skin cells, also help remove dark spots or scars. to fade as well This problem is considered the main factor that makes our skin look unattractive, sure enough.

beautiful skin vitamin injection

This is another method that is gaining widespread popularity right now. Because it is considered to help the skin to be beautiful and clear from the inside out and is a very effective method, but in terms of price, it may be a bit strong for some people, such as injecting 1,500 – 2,000 baht per time, but need to inject 5-6 more times to see results, etc. It is recommended that if girls want to choose this method, try looking at a reliable institution. There are specialist medical personnel to take care of. and trust me

skin nourishing food

This method is considered a method that has been used a lot at all. Because nowadays, there are many dietary supplement brands that have released products to meet various skin problems. Many formulas, which if girls want to have beautiful skin, it is recommended to eat products that contain vitamin C and glutathione to help with white skin, sure enough.  But according to the medical practice, taking dietary supplements nourishes the body a lot. May adversely affect the liver in the long term. Therefore, the best way to avoid it would be better for the health of the girls.

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