3 herbs to nourish the brain and prevent Alzheimer’s

Thai traditional medicine recommends 3 types of herbs to help nourish the brain. To prevent Alzheimer’s disease, the  Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine recommends 3 types of herbs, namely Gotu Kola, Brahmi and Red Lotus Petal, to help nourish the brain. Improve memory, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and avoid risky behaviors to stay away from such diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease risk factors

  1. Is heart disease and blood vessels 
  2. disease , high blood  pressure
  3. have diabetes 
  4. obese
  5. genetic factors 

Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease It is often a problem in everyday life. Whether it is working and socialization The initial symptoms are 

  1. Asking the same question repeatedly 
  2. I can’t begin to think of anything complicated.
  3. Hesitating, unable to make easy decisions
  4. have more anxiety 
  5. easily panic
  6. There may be mood changes. 

3 herbs to nourish the brain and prevent Alzheimer’s

Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine. We recommend 3 types of herbs to prevent Alzheimer’s disease: 

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola It is commonly eat as food and beverages. It has properties to help nourish the body Relieve fatigue and bruise in 

According to research studies. Gotu Kola extract can improve memory. And condition Mood in the Elderly. With cerebral palsy 

Phrom Mi or Vegetable Mi

It is eat as a blanche vegetable and dip in chili paste. In Indian Ayurveda texts it is say that Brahmi is properties to improve memory, nourish the brain. 

According to pharmacological data. It has found that bao mmi contains active ingredients. That enhance memory, decision-making, and protect brain cells. It has an anti-memory effect help with sleep and reduce anxiety

red lotus petals

Red lotus petals are classified as herbs that have a cool aroma. That has properties to nourish the heart, cure fever, cure heat in thirst. From research studies. It is found that red lotus petals have antioxidant properties. And has the effect of inhibiting the agglutination of proteins beta amyloid.

Red lotus petals can be brew into tea by bringing red lotus petals. Mixed with the 5 pollen: Jasmine, Pikul, Bunnag, Saraphi and Bua Luang pollen.

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