5 Youthful skin foods, slow down aging

Youthful skin foods. Did you know that eating nourishing foods can help slow down aging? Because some foods contain antioxidants. It also has properties that help stimulate the work of the body. Resulting in radiant, radiant skin And this is an anti-aging skin care food that girls should not miss.

Anti-aging skin foods for beautiful and youthful skin foods

1. Avocado

          Super Food. Super popular like avocado. It is a food that is full of good fatty acids, vitamin C and vitamin E. These nutrients help stimulate collagen production in the skin. Helps protect the skin from free radical damage. Nourish the skin to be moisturized and radiant. Relieve dry skin A study found that 700 women regularly consumed avocados. resulting in soft skin and more flexible Anyone who wants to have beautiful skin must try and turn to eat some avocados.

2. Berry family

          Berries such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries In addition to being reputed to be high in vitamin C and fiber that helps in good excretion. It is also rich in antioxidants. such as anthocyanins and phenols which has the effect of helping to slow down aging prevent aging It also reduces the risk of skin cancer. Both delicious and useful like this. How can you not eat?

3. Ruby

          This beautiful fruit is known for its rich vitamin C and minerals that are essential for the body. It also has a very high antioxidant content. which helps maintain collagen on the skin It can prevent wrinkles, crow’s feet and moisturize the skin. Including reducing melanin production under the skin. However, pomegranate juice in the market contains 11-12% sugar, which is considered high. If possible, eat fresh pomegranates. Or make your own unsweetened pomegranate juice at home. It’s probably a better option.

4. Coconut

          Coconut water contains estrogen. Which is important for the production of collagen and elastin that will help the skin to be flexible and firm, thus helping to slow down premature aging as well. If drinking fresh coconut water regularly, it can help nourish the skin naturally.

5. Apple

          Apple peels are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids. which helps free radicals Helps inhibit skin cancer cells Especially in red apples are the most antioxidants. Thereby helping to slow down aging, reduce wrinkles and reduce crow’s feet as well. Therefore, eating apples without peeling is good for skin health as well.

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