4 ways to reduce “wattle” double chin from overweight – getting older

Wattle or double chin is the accumulated fat under the chin. It can happen to people of all ages. It doesn’t happen only to people who are overweight. However, some methods such as facial exercises Regular diet may help reduce wattle. Although it does not harm your health , it can affect your confidence.

What is wattle

Wattle or double chin is the fat that accumulates under the chin area. looks like a hanging lump It can happen to people of all ages. Regardless of normal weight or overweight, it can occur.

Cause of wattle

Wattle may be caused by the main cause is too much fat accumulated under the skin. which may be a result of Regularly eating high-fat foods, rarely exercising, obesity, being overweight, etc. In addition, it may be caused by genetics. If a family member has less elastic skin skin is not firm It may result in having more wattles than usual. and increasing age Often results in the loss of collagen in the skin. until the skin is sagging and the wattle is formed as well.

How to reduce wattle

the following way May help reduce the wattle.

  1. face management on a daily basis by postures that may help reduce the wattle, such as
  • Tongue sticking posture:  Start by looking straight and sticking your tongue out to the end. Try to get your tongue to touch your nose. Hold for about 10 seconds, repeat about 10 times/cycle.
  • kissing the sky  He looked up at the ceiling until he felt a tension under his chin and neck. and make your lips look like a kiss Hold for 5-20 seconds, repeat 10-20 times/round.
  • chin press ball  Take a ball about 9-10 inches in diameter and place it under your chin. Then use the chin to press the ball. Do about 25-30 times / round.
  1. diet By eating a variety of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Choose to eat lean or fat-free meat. And avoid processed, oily, fried foods, as these foods can cause weight gain. You should eat enough food to meet your body’s needs. Get energy not less than 1,200 kilocalories / day. and limit the amount of food in each meal to be proportional to nutrition
  2. Liposuction, where the doctor uses a long tube-like tool inserted under the skin to suck out excess fat. or may use heat to melt fat and shape the face to look more slender. This may cause side effects such as swelling, bruising and pain around the wound.
  3. mesophat injection It is a method to reduce the wattle by injecting fat solution. or a small amount of Deoxycholic Acid in the area under the chin to break down fat. This may require 20 injections or more, and it may take longer than 6 months to see results. Because if deoxycholic acid is injected incorrectly, it can affect nerves. Common side effects include swelling, bruising, numbness, redness at the injection site.

However, the above method of reducing the wattle cannot help the wattle disappear permanently. If returning to behaviors that risk wattle, such as eating high-fat foods until they are overweight and have accumulated fat It may cause the wattle to come back.

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