“Migraine headache”, How should I do?

Migraine is a chronic headache disorder. That are different from general headache Unexpectedly. The cause of migraines is currently unknown. There may be a temporary malfunction. But will the symptoms occur or not? It depends on both internal and external factors that affect them. 

What symptoms are called migraines? 

Migraine Unlike a normal headache in that Headaches are usually dull and mild. And often without other symptoms such as nausea Most will recover by themselves after sleeping for a while.

While migraines tend to throbbing sporadically, there are times when the pain is stubborn, most of which will be moderate to very severe, gradually increasing gradually until the pain is fully severe and then gradually subsides. Pain down until cured Often one-sided pain Or starting to ache on one side first, then pain in both sides. Each time the pain is often moved back and forth or moved. But sometimes May be pain on both sides at the same time in the first place.

Who is ranked as a migraine?

Migraine Most of them are in reproductive age. Women are more than men It is often associated with high emotional and psychological stress. But may also occur in people with good mental health

How do I know I have a migraine?

Headache caused by migraine The doctor wants to make a diagnosis based on the specific nature of the headache. Symptoms with Physical examination found that the brain is working normally. And not a malfunction of the body parts to make a headache with a

  • different aspects of pain, including the violent nature of pain actions of cramps
  • Symptoms associated with nausea, dizziness
  • Not found. Abnormalities in the functioning of the brain or organs that may cause pain, such as slow thinking Double vision, weak limbs, walking stasis, fever, red eyes, bulging eyes, mucus, bad smell, etc.
  • Pain-causing factors such as stress, bright light, certain foods, sleep deprivation
  • Relieving factors such as sleep, scalp massage, medication, acupressure.
  • In addition, the doctor may need to ask for symptoms. And physical examination of the patient if necessary For correct diagnosis

Common problem

The most common problems are obvious. Lose one’s health Suffer from pain In some cases, the pain was so severe that they almost wanted to run into the wall. Some people have pain over the course of day and night until they can’t sleep well. Some were nausea and vomiting. Fatigue and loss of ability to study and work. Migraine is a disease that causes people to think. There must be a lot of absence from work. Causing significant economic losses If it is often and is extremely severe, it can impair your mental health. Some will be anxious, possibly a brain tumor.

Migraines can help. The main treatment method for patients with migraine is headache relief. And prevention of the occurrence. Or reduction of frequency Severity of symptoms Headache relief may not require medication. Such as massage, acupressure, cold compress, hot compress, or sleep. In ineffective or severe cases, pain relievers are required to prevent or reduce their frequency. The severity of that headache There are two important ways – the first is to exercise regularly. Get enough rest In conjunction with proper stress removal – the second way is to take anti-migraine medication. Your doctor will only recommend preventative medication if your headache is very frequent.

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