6 Basic ways to deal with “acne caused by stress”

Acne caused many elements there is one factor that causes acne girls. That is “stress” and of course when acne develops. Women will become more stressed and worries. Causing the existing acne to panic up again. How do we cope with this type of acne? We brings good advice from professional doctors to leave the girls. I have lost my anxiety.

6 basic ways to deal with acne caused by stress

  • Do not use your hands to peel, squeeze, or press the pimple on your own to prevent it from becoming inflamed and aggravating.
  • Wash your face thoroughly With gentle products Which may choose to use a skin care for people with acne Contains no oil (oil free) and contains natural extracts. To help build healthy skin cells
  • Avoid wearing makeup if not necessary.
  • Manage your stress which is the main cause of acne. By finding ways to relax your emotions and mind as you like. Such as going out to meet friends, traveling, watching movies.
  • Get enough exercise and rest In order for the hormones in the body to function normally And does not produce too much excess oil It also helps to make Growth hormone work fully. Keeps skin bright Shine and add moisture as well.
  • Eat a healthy diet Try to refrain from greasy or fried foods. It will help alleviate the severity of acne.

How does stress cause acne?

According to research results on skin It was found that stress and acne were inseparably related. With research results from Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases Zagreb University Croatia, in 2017, found that mental and stress are important factors in the development of acne. This is because emotional stress affects the production of hormones. Which affects it.

In which the conclusion advises that In treating acne, a dermatologist should be aware of the psychological factors that contribute to the development of acne caused.

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