Check out 5 “features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip”

Who is stop at home during this time. They may be bore. We invites to play the awesome features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, solve the loneliness that will help everyone entertain more than you think. Or even help you work unbelievably convenient. 

We are officially introducing the first of the hottest foldable smartphones at this time, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which has only been released for the first few months, is now the most talked about trend of 2020. With not only the very futuristic appearance. But because of the functions and features inside that are another highlight, this smartphone is better than other smartphones. 

We are volunteer to bring everyone curious and having fun with 5 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features that guarantee you will never be lonely at home. Ready for you to live at home with ease and enjoy creating strange and unique content for sure.

Selfie in a new corner at home

First appetizer with a menu “Selfie hits” that will give you a taste of taking selfies in a new angle. Like no other Even if you have to stay at home for a long time Don’t miss out on creating new content. Take selfies without anyone.Galaxy Z Flip comes with a self-standing device that can be folded in various degrees. Just fold the screen and set it on the table for hands-free selfies . No need to reconcile your boyfriend or the people around. The resulting picture is still beautiful, chic, with an exact angle. It allows you to shoot a variety of angles, including low-angle shots that give a sleek mood according to fashion styles.

Work from home

Line Work from home late last meeting messy. Or even a call for a girlfriend who would miss each other how much Video call on a long smartphone Get lost Without having to use a handle to bother With the features of the Galaxy Z Flip that the device can be set like a laptop, you have two hands left for other activities. Another hundred eight thousand nine Whether to print on the computer Or will take notes during the conference call It is called the answer to the multi-task line that likes to do many things. At the very same time.

Vlog is simple, do not have to hold the hand

To create chic content with full Comes with hands-free operation. The unit itself is self-standing, no need to lean on or use the handle. So you can have fun shooting and express your gestures without limits. Mix and match beautiful dresses, can be done comfortably without having to rely on your hands or a tripod And with a camera that is sharp to 4K level, it will help you take beautiful Vlogs in every scene.

Night hyperlapse tripod is no longer needed

Beautiful video shooting mode, clear picture, even during this time I do not go out for a night out but change to take beautiful pictures. At night it is fun to go in another way. Using the Night hyperlapse video mode of the Galaxy Z Flip set to take pictures of Bangkok Or a line of car lights to make your night video shooting even more lively and charming. Put the tripod away, just fold it and place the device on a level surface. At this point, it was able to capture clear night views. And for taking beautiful pictures in low light, Night mode helps the images come out bright and clear with every detail. So you do not miss to capture every picture of the beautiful corner at night.

Compact, super convenient, just a small bag that can fit

As soon as they saw the foldable smartphone coming into the market in 2020, many people were asked: “How good is this foldable function?” Of course, Samsung cares about popular trends around the world. In the digital age that people appreciate convenience, compact, not bulky, easy to hold, convenient to use. 

The fact that the smartphone can be folded in half is a huge advantage in portability. It will be a small clutch bag of girls Or slack in the men’s pocket. Is flexible in all situations. It also responds to the popular mini bag trend, carrying a small but mighty bag that is currently occupying the runway. Of course, if it is other smartphones. Definitely not stuffed into it. 

And here are 5 great features that are the ultimate hook punch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that will help you entertain so hard that any smartphone cannot do it! In addition to that, there are other features.  This work is a young fashionista who likes to do content like us. Don’t miss out, hurry up and grab a cool accessory to mix and match with your lifestyle before anyone else. 

  • Galaxy Z Flip is available in 2 colors, Mirror Purple and Mirror Black, price 44,900, available at online channels of network operators and Lazada, and there is also a special collection of Galaxy Z Flip Boxset cases, “Galaxy Z Flip x SIRIVANNAVARI BANGKOK. Special Case Limited Edition “sold in limited quantities.
  • Boxset contains Galaxy Z Flip with peacock logo wallpaper. And the limited edition case, available in 2 colors, blue and pink, price 47,900.- at ‘

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