12 small things, it can make you “love yourself” so much

Sometimes it’s important to get help from others. We all want support. But no matter what, the person who The most reliable is myself. Even small things or simple actions. It can help you love yourself and increase the efficiency of yourself as well.

Immerse yourself in music that has meaning

Music is an amazing carrier of emotions. Because it can help you experience what you are feeling. Try listening to some songs. To celebrate your success or meet something delightful And listen to some songs. To provide comfort during your grief about life. Or something that does not go as expected.

Go home to recharge

Find a moment for being alone and quiet. Put your hands on your chest. And listen to the sound of a powerful heart Breathe in and out of consciousness Finally, don’t forget to ask yourself that How are our emotions today? Your intuition will best be able to answer you.

Practice talking to yourself in a mirror

Try standing in front of the bathroom mirror and smile at yourself. Wink at himself like a playful person You can even tell yourself “I love you.” Although it may seem a little strange, believe it, it will be fine when you try it.

Review or read compliments repeatedly

It’s natural that on some days you may come across a negative review, so look for compliments in text, text, or even in online reviews that you’ve been reading through your eyes recently. you To remember what they said And explore how good it makes you feel.

Be an inspiration to others

Wave your hand to the neighbor you walked by. Work friend Or say thank you to the barista at the coffee shop you like to drink Cashier staff at a mini-mart with sincerity. Try sending a message to your beloved friend. Or compliment someone Because it might make their day a better and memorable one.

Wear your favorite clothes that are suitable for you

Because most people are working from home during this period Therefore may not leave makeup and dress from the house But do you know that our own appearance Can affect life energy as well Try to put on your favorite pair of earrings. Do your hair in the style you like. Or wear your favorite T-shirt Even if you are the “only one” to see.

Eat delicious snacks, drink water and refresh them

Because taking care of the body to be healthy, full of stomach and experience the delicious taste Considered one of the loveliest things. That you can do for yourself.

Spray the air you breathe

Spray the aroma of aromatherapy. Or, use natural essential oils to spritz around the area where you are and watch for differences, such as before and after. Is there any increase in energy in you?

Look outside

Getting closer to nature, whether it’s looking at the trees outside the window. Or on the desk Can help restore the spirit of human beings is incredible.

Eat your favorite social media.

It was inspiring quickly. This can have a positive effect on your mood throughout the day.

Improve bad thoughts

If you have repeated thoughts Circle in your heart Which is a negative aspect Rather than a good idea Hurry to improve Because if so often Or too long You will be at risk 

Talk to yourself honestly

Love yourself enough And understand yourself about the difficult situations in life, tell the truth you are feeling. To let yourself know and understand Because it is considered difficult for anyone to turn to talk to themselves Make it look like you are talking to a close friend.

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