4 Best Restaurant Apps, Download Today in 2021

Ever wanted to score that super hard to get dinner reservation at the hottest restaurant in town?

Ever needed to make a restaurant decision on the fly with a bunch of indecisive hungry diners?

Or maybe, have you ever wanted to see if your food is free of allergens (like gluten or soy)?

Sound familiar?

4 Best Restaurant Apps, Download Today in 2021

If that’s the case then we’re hear to help!

With the emergence of incredible restaurant apps and many hidden and super helpful perks that they offer, it’s a no-brainer to not have these downloaded today.

Best Restaurant Apps for 2021

Here are the best restaurant apps that you need to download today in 2021.

You’ll never be able to eat out ever again without these on your smartphone!

1. Open Table

There’s no easier way to discover and reserve a table at a restaurant for free than using Open Table. Plus as an added bonus, you even get rewarded with dining credits every time you dine out.

2. Trip Advisor

Although this may seem like another hotel and attractions review app, believe it or not Trip Advisor offers some of the best reviews and recommendations for restaurants.

3.  UberEATS

A food delivery app and service newcomer that isn’t available anywhere but will probably soon dominate market in a couple year. 

4. Tasteful

This is a game changer for healthy eating. With Tasteful, users are able to search for restaurants and their menus just by selecting their healthy diet preferences including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low carb and gluten free

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