The best healthy restaurants in Hong Kong

Clean eating doesn’t mean you have to miss out on good healthy food

Maybe it was the festive season that lured you into overindulgence or perhaps it was last Friday night’s craving for a cheeky slice of pizza, either way, there’s no judgement here, we ordered ours with doughnuts too! Still, there’s nothing quite like the new year to help kick you into healthy eating action.

The best healthy restaurants in Hong Kong

Luckily, Hong Kong has a great number of restaurants, from the plant-based and vegetable-forward to those that focus on local and sustainable options, and then there are the not-so-healthy eateries that have also chosen to provide nutritious offerings. Ahead is our list of the top ten to help you keep you clean, green, and balanced in 2021.

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Hong Kong’s best healthy restaurants

ทางเข้า UFABET

Proving that plant-based eating is anything but boring, Veda plates up vibrant, flavour-forward creations that will taste as good as it is good for you. Think refreshing watermelon salads, momo dumplings filled with spinach and ricotta and served with tangy tomato chutney, spiced mushroom curry and aloo gobi. The restaurant also offers an artisanal list of coffees, wines, and cocktails to go with its green menu. They open for breakfast too, so you can start the day right. 

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