6 tips to say goodbye to acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris are pimples that are characterized by a small, red rash and some people may be itchy. The acne vulgaris usually occurs on the forehead and temples. There are both inflammatory and non-inflammatory. It is also a problem of acne that bother girls. So let’s check out 6 tips to help you say goodbye to acne vulgaris to reveal a naturally smooth and beautiful skin.

6 tips to help you say goodbye to acne vulgaris

Wash your face properly

Getting rid of acne vulgaris does not work with frequent washing. Because washing your face several times a day can stimulate acne breakouts more than ever. Which cleansing the face properly and helps reduce acne vulgaris Should wash your face only 2-3 times a day. Where during the day it is recommended to wash with clean water Avoid using warm water and soap for women who like to exercise. Should wash your face after every exercise. In order to cleanse the dirt Bacteria and sebum on the face

Use a gentle product

various products that helps reduce acne pimples is Products that are gentle on the skin. Which the product used is not specific to products related to the skin only But including cosmetics, skin care, shampoo or conditioner as well Such products must not contain AHA, BHA, Retinoid and Vitamin A acids. Because it can cause irritation to pimples.

Use lemon juice to wipe your face

Using fresh lemon juice mixed with warm water Then use a cotton swab and wipe the area with acne vulgaris for about 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do it once a week It will help reduce acne vulgaris. Because lemon juice contains fruit acids that help shed dead skin cells. It also helps to make pores cleaner.

Mask the face with tomatoes

To remove the tomato puree and mask the face for about 1 hour can treat acne prickly heat as well, because tomatoes contain lycopene. beta carotene Including a variety of vitamins that benefit the skin itself.

Facial mask with egg white

A simple way to treat acne vulgaris that can be done is. To remove the egg white mask over your face for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This method is considered to expel toxins from the skin in the beginning may cause acne but after 2-3 days, acne vulgaris will be significantly reduced.

protect the skin from the sun

Of course, sunlight and heat are among the main factors. that causes pimples to appear on the face Therefore, direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided. If unable to avoid the sun at all It is necessary to apply sunscreen with SPF 15 PA +++ as well as sun protection by various methods such as opening an umbrella or wearing a hat to block the sun.

You can see that the tips in Saying goodbye to acne vulgaris That we have to share with the girls that can be followed easily. Anyone who is comfortable using any method, do not forget to try it together. And most importantly, you should apply sunscreen before leaving the house every time and keep your skin clean in the right way.

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