skateboard brands Introducing 8 cool good looking

Skateboard brands There are 4 types of skateboard, namely SKATEBOARD, LONGBOARD, PENNY BOARD and FINGER BOARD, which are customized according to the size of the board and how to play it.

skateboard brands

1. Khark

Appease people who like black and white with KHARK OG SKATEBOARD DECK (Fiber Light) Size 8.0. The beginning of this brand is a skateboard shop that is very fond of this sport. until making a brand out of itself according to the name of the shop to sell There are many models

2. preduce

It is another famous skateboarding equipment and clothing store located in Siam. This shop is another shop that makes their own brand of skateboards for sale that say that each pattern is beautiful. And the price is very affordable. The recommended model is the model of traditional medicine pattern that is said to be very chic.

3. switch sk8

With the Switch new collection 2021, available in two sizes, 8 inches and 8.25 inches, with a design that uses two contrasting tones. Comes with a gold brand name logo. very outstanding


This brand is a global brand that friends. Must order from abroad. But certify that the most beautiful Because the model that we bring together today is the model J.Lo + Puffy size 8.5 that is special is that there is a picture of Jennifer Lopez and Sean Komes

5. BkkGo

It is a very cheap brand. because the price is in the hundreds Suitable for those who are starting to play the most. But seeing this cheap price, the quality is as good as other brands.


It is another famous brand that skateboarders must know. Because this brand is a foreign brand known as an expert in skateboard production that has it all. There are many different models, but that is recommended. Model with cute pattern like 120 Bruce, size 8.5 inches (red)

7. S project

S project Deck Skateboard is another brand that started out as a skateboard shop. This brand is another brand that has many patterns to choose from. But the pattern is suitable for many street disciples.

8. Lee Bicycle

It is another brand with hundreds of prices that have many designs to choose from. Suitable for people with low budget and still in the practice of playing the most at all. Because the price is less than 500 baht, but their quality is considered good anyway.

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