5 Best Music Apps of 2021 Music Lovers Like This

Music Apps, listening to music is a relaxation. For those who like to listen to music We should have an app to listen to music that matches your heart, loaded onto your phone. Use it for listening to music while traveling, relaxing, or listening to it along with reading a book. Or will keep it to listen to when I don’t sleep well. So today we’re introducing 10 of the best music listening apps. Which app is cool? Let’s go see some.

1.YouTube Music

The popular music streaming application YouTube is well known to everyone. The YouTube Music app is made especially for music lovers. who likes to play or already watching youtube should be loaded onto the machine

  • Advantages There are a lot of songs, the most international, Korean, Thai or the audio from the video can be loaded to listen. The function is easy to use. It is available to create your own playlist. Can search for songs by typing lyrics. If we subscribe to premium service Can listen to music without ads. and download unlimited songs for offline listening
  • Disadvantages of using free services There will be frequent interstitial ads. and can’t use as many functions as Premium
  • Service fee : Free (with interstitial ads) / Premium 129-169 baht/month (1 person), 199-259 baht/month (6 accounts)
  • IOS / Android download channel

2. Spotify

Popular popular apps that many people are familiar with, such as Spotify or Spotify, are music streaming apps. that is not just good music But there is also a service to listen to good podcasts, both Thai and foreign as well. For people who like to listen to international music and want to listen to practice English There are many podcasts in this app to listen to.

  • Pros: Suitable for international music lovers. Has easy-to-use functions There are suggestions of songs based on mood tones. or types of music suitable for various activities of listeners, such as music for exercising or listening to sleep We can choose to listen to music from the playlist recommended by the app. Or you can create your own playlists. The app remembers our favorite genres, listens to them often, and suggests new songs that are similar. Let’s listen in a good way.
  • Cons : Thai music streaming service less than international music For some songs, there will be no lyrics for viewing. May have to visit from other websites
  • Service fee: 1 month free trial, then premium 169 baht/month
  • IOS / Android download channel

3. Joox

hit music streaming app Another regular app for Thai people with more than 70 million downloads because the app has a lot of music to listen to. and quite diverse There is also a function for people who like both listening to music. and can sing along Sai likes to cover songs This app answers the most.

  • Distinctive advantages in the service of streaming hits, both Thai and international songs, with the option to subscribe to various VIP services, both daily, monthly and yearly, listeners can choose the service that meets their needs. and the most worthwhile
  • Disadvantages: Free listening service, lots of ads. The usage page might look a little difficult to use. Because the app has many features.
  • Service fee: Daily 19 baht, monthly 99 baht, yearly 990 baht.
  • IOS / Android download channel

4. Apple music

Music streaming app for mobile users. Or IT equipment of the hand of Apple is an app that looks very trendy. There is a style that looks like it’s Apple. and very easy to use If you want to listen to any song, you can tell Siri. Ready to arrange everything. will ask for a genre of music Find the name of any song from the lyrics.

  • Advantages The application is easy to use, there are more than 70 million songs around the world, complete functions, there is a charge of hit songs in each country to choose from. There are lyrics for every song. And what is unique is The app will bring celebrities. or famous DJ Let’s arrange a music streaming radio program to listen to live music. in listening each day as well
  • Disadvantages Not prominent in Thai music streaming Some songs may not be and can only be used on mobile devices in the Apple family
  • Service fee: 3 months free trial, individual 129 baht/month, family 199 baht/month (for 6 people)
  • IOS download method


Sound Cloud Free Music Streaming App that we can be both music listeners You can also upload your own songs to this app for others to listen to. We’ll also be getting great new music from new artists who will be releasing their songs for free, songs that aren’t available on any other music streaming app.

  • The dominant feature Tag in search of music enthusiasts. You can follow new artists coming to listen to the songs. The interface of the application is easy to use. Follow all the songs that are in the stream without missing a beat. or can find a loud clip from popular hashtags too
  • Disadvantages The diversity of Asian music is still very low. Compared to Joox or Spotify app
  • Service fee Free of charge
  • IOS / Android download channel

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