Life Hacks Food Tips That Make Your Life Easier

Life Hacks is a simple technique that can be done quickly. Many people may have seen this term. It’s a fun way that makes our lives easier. Shortcut steps to make it easier than ever. This technique works for almost anything. Most will be seen adapted in daily life. Many of the techniques that we have seen make us cry “Wow”. 

          These techniques are very helpful. I.N.N. Therefore, we would like to include interesting techniques. In Part 1, let’s talk about Life Hacks Food food techniques. 

1. Put a wooden spoon on top of the pot. The boiling water does not overflow

Anyone who has a problem when boiling water. When it boils, it will overflow the pot. Try placing a wooden spoon over the pot. The water will not overflow. Because water vapor condenses, it destroys the surface tension of the air bubbles. Recommend part with a wooden spoon because it does not dissolve not overheating.

2. Reheat the pizza overnight in the pan. You will get crispy crust pizza

  Anyone who likes to eat pizza must try this technique. Place the pan over medium heat. (Recommend a flat pan) Spray a little oil on the pan. Or just drop a few drops of oil, put the pizza, cover the lid, turn on low heat for about 2 minutes, you will get a delicious pizza. edge of the frame again

3.Use an apple slicer to cut potatoes to make french fries quickly.

Who has an apple cutter at home? Try it with potatoes. And you’ll get french fries for easy frying. 

4. Pour the milk into the back of the spoon. time to eat cereal milk will not splash

Have you ever poured milk into a cereal and splashed it? This problem is easily solved. Just hold the spoon upside down over the bowl. Slowly pour the milk onto the upside-down spoon. But it’s easier to end the problem. That is, pour the milk before adding the cereal.

5. Separate the yolks with a plastic water bottle

Who wants to separate the yolk from the fried egg? It’s as simple as cracking the egg into a cup or plate. Then take an empty plastic water bottle and squeeze the bottle a little. Point the bottle’s mouth at the yolk. then release the squeezed bottle The yolk will then be sucked in. 

6. Pick up the egg fragments with a finger dipped in water

Eggshells falling into food or that fall when cracking eggs It’s very difficult to take out. But just put your finger in the water to wet it. The eggshell will stick to our fingers.

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