“Auspicious Shirt Color 2021” in Thailand

Auspicious Shirt Color 2021, do you ever contemplate in the morning what to wear for the day? This question is answered more easily in Thailand than other countries. Especially when it comes to color choice. Today we provided for each birthday to choose the right shirt color by teacher frome Horoworld website 


In the year 2021 a person was born on a Monday. Must show their knowledge and abilities to the fullest You must not act dull.

Colors to enhance your work: golden brown, orange

          Financial fortune color : light green, sea green

          Love fortune color : purple, dark gray

         Caramel color, do not wear: blue, white


 In the year 2021 people were born on Tuesdays. Must show himself to be outstanding and be remarkable Must make himself very cheerful and bright

          Work enhancement colors: purple, dark gray

         Financial fortune color : light blue, blue

          Love fortune color : white, yellow

          Careless colors: red, green


          In 2021, a person born on a Wednesday will have to carry a lot of their own burden and thoughts. Must let go and calm the mind

          Functional color : white, beige

         Financial fortune color : red, old rose

          Love fortune color : light green, sea green

         Careless colors: pink, blue


          In 2021, someone was born on Thursday. There will be many changes. They must defend themselves with the most conscious and thoughtfulness.

          Career enhancement colors: pink, fuchsia

          Financial fortune color : white, yellow

          Love enhancement colors: golden brown, orange

          Kagani colors do not wear: navy blue, black


          In the year 2021 a person was born on a Friday. There will be more striving for success. Need to adjust to be more diligent and diligent

          The working color : blue, blue

          Financial fortune colors : orange, brown

          Love fortune color : red, bright color

          Caramel color, do not wear: black, pink


          In the year 2021 people were born on Saturday. Will have a fate that may turn good and bad according to merit Must dominate, be conscious and not negligent

          Working color : red, bright color

          Financial fortune color : purple, black

          Love enhancement colors: pink, fuchsia

          Kagani color do not wear: white, orange


          In the year 2021 people were born on Sunday. Will take into account many things Must have a mentor to give advice

          Career enhancement colors: pink, fuchsia

          Financial fortune color : white, beige

          Love enhancement colors: orange, golden brown

          Careless colors: dark green, purple

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