“Samsung reflects the smartphone market in 2021”

Mr. TM Roh, President of Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, said that the next generation of mobile technology will be personalized experiences.

The 2021 smartphone innovation to look forward to reflects the role of today’s smartphones that have become a part of everyday life. Since working from a distance Teleworking, virtual celebrations, playing games, or even online dance challenges, these behaviors clearly indicate that. The world is changing to create, share and stream more videos than ever before. Smartphones this year must be ready to meet all needs related to video content. Whether it’s for professional footage editing Or the need for a smart multi-lens camera to help take beautiful and clear photos

Samsung says it is developing to expand the advanced AI capabilities of the Galaxy series. In order to be able to learn the activities and daily routine of each person. Which will result in users to take better pictures and videos. Manage usage patterns to increase battery life.

Samsung is also preparing to take another step forward in its ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. It will soon launch new features in Connecting to the car To deliver a new user experience in the digital age Including the use of technology as another aid in finding what is most important easier and faster. Whether it is the key Wallet Or even a pet

However, these new smartphones To offer a tailored user experience Security and privacy will be the first priority.

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