6 “Bad Work Habits” You have Got to Ditch

To work, sometimes we have to live together with a large crowd. From different families, different places. This makes it a good idea to show bad habits, so be careful. Because sometimes the work will go smoothly without interruption, coworkers play an important role in helping keep the work running. Because if sometimes the job is good, but we can’t get along with the coworkers, then we don’t want to do that too. Or sometimes the work is not very ok But all colleagues are good-natured, and we would like to keep working. So if you want him to be good with us We should show good habits to him as well. Let’s take a look at some bad habits today. That should not be better expressed in the workplace If anyone can do to improve.

1. temperamental
Being angry with a bad temper is something that shouldn’t be shown at work. You have to think that no one can do anything to please all of us. If you feel upset, you should walk away and stay calm. Because sometimes showing bad emotions will not have good results. There are many other negative effects that follow as well.

2. Show off
to know really. Or know more than others But they should not show their brilliance Because people will not be able to be good or know everything There must be some things that we do not know and have to ask for opinions from others.

3. Lack of leave
if late . Or sometimes a colleague may have to do it instead. In most cases, everyone is already overworked.

4. Take outside work to do
But if the regular job is not wasted, it would not be much But no matter what, outside work should not be done at work. It will be like you do not pay attention to the work that you are doing well enough.

5. Flattering the boss
. But it should not be overly flattering Or so flattering that those around you can feel it Because if we have promoted Salary promotion due to ability Others will see us as being more flattering. May make colleagues feel dissatisfied with each other.

6. Speak not thinking
what to say, say it without thinking that our words will affect anyone or not. This is one of the reasons why colleagues dislike the face easily. So before you say anything, you should think carefully about whether or not it affects someone. Because sometimes, in addition to the impact, it can also make the hearing person feel sorry. It is inadvertently harming others. 

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