Take to look at 8 “Business Trends in 2021”, especially strong

Business trend 2021: The past Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a significant change in consumer behavior. The economy and businesses all over the world are also affected!

In this situation some businesses grow well and the new business trends are emerging to meet consumer needs such as food delivery businesses, increased in-app payment technologies. All of this is to adapt to the New Normal behavior of people in this era. Of course, the trend to watch with Business trend 2021 is inevitable in the food and drinks business.

1. Delivery business

As a result of various uncomfortable situations, restaurant businesses have to change their service method to take away orders. As a result, consumer behavior has to start to use more applications. In Thailand, there are 5 major delivery brands in the market: LINE MAN, Wongnai, Grab, Food Panda and Gojek.

In addition, the delivery business tends to have an increasing number of restaurants facing the delivery service in order to reach customers easily, conveniently and quickly, where customers can rate the satisfaction of the stores to develop and improve.

2. Meal Kits

Meal Kits are food ingredients that are supplied as ready-to-cook sets. With sauces And various ingredients come together so that customers can cook themselves at home With complete raw materials This is a response to today’s consumers who want to start their own cooking. In addition, the Meal Kits business can also help consumers to plan their meals to be nutritious. Considered very suitable for people who love health

3. Product transparency

Another trend that is coming this 2021 is transparency. And the moral of the operator Because nowadays consumers pay more attention to the sources of raw materials And operator Which provides honest information And true to consumers, it helps build trust in our products.

4. Environment friendly products

Not just knowing the origins of ingredients alone But must consider the production process How to make the most of your available resources And environmental friendly Which all processes must have the least impact on the environment And reduce the use of chemicals Each brand must create a positive attitude. Environmental protection Reducing the pollution that causes global warming.

5. Reduce the amount of sweet and salty

Many people tend to choose foods with lower sugar content. Or choosing to eat foods with alternative sweeteners To affect the body as little as possible Even choosing foods that are low in saturated fat will be eaten in moderation. Therefore, it is not surprising that the trend of healthy food is still in trend all year. Which groups of people who care about healthy food are mainly
– Consumers aged 18 – 34 years: have an interest in food. And the ingredients that they consume
– Consumers aged 51 years and over: Began to pay attention to food that is appropriate for their physical condition. For sustainable health  

6. High protein foods

Nowadays, consumers are turning to high-protein foods. In addition to meat and food. Plant foods and plant milks are also highly nutritious, such as nuts, soy milk, or almond milk. Not only that, there are also ready-to-eat products such as protein bars that are a great source of energy. The body can absorb food directly. And there are also options for health lovers, whether it’s vegan or diet.

7. Business Coffee Stand

Coffee Stand business style, small and compact. With only a coffee machine And the right size bar With an emphasis on selling as Take Away, it is becoming more and more popular and is likely to be a business that entrepreneurs prefer to invest in 2021, although there are many coffee shops in Thailand. Definitely

8. Healthy drinks

Today, there are many healthy drinks to choose from. Which will take place in the future In addition to having good taste And flavored it to make it more attractive to drink These beverages must be rich in vitamins with natural ingredients. No synthetic additives Promote health And add beauty, such as herbal drinks, Water Plus or beverages containing various cereals, it is also quite popular.

It’s over with the trend to watch in the year 2021, many entrepreneurs may have noticed something interesting in some businesses. All the trends may help entrepreneurs to generate more income!

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