China releases rectal “swab for COVID-19 test”

COVID-19 test, AFP news agency the report cited local Chinese media. That the Chinese government had started using it to swab and rectal COVID-19 testing tool. It’s a new way. Which is a rectal exam with a group of people at high risk of infection. The doctor revealed that the examination “Swab rectal” is more effective in detecting infection.

The report states that staff using the rectal swab with villagers in areas where COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Beijing last week. There is also a use of Rectal swab with those who are also subject to detention in a quarantine facility.

The authorities still use the swab through the nose and throat it is broad in anyway Confirmed by Yu’an Hospital doctor In Beijing saying It has higher detection rates because the virus lives in the digestive tract for longer than the respiratory tract.

While social media in China There was a sound feedback on the way. Rectal swab Different, some expressed their surprise at the method. Some say in a joking way that they feel paranoid.

“It’s so fortunate that I came back to China sooner,” said one Weibo user.

“Less hurt but more embarrassed,” said another Weibo user.

“I have swapped twice like this. Every time you have to do a nasal swap. And I have to be afraid every time that the nurse may forget to change the swap with a new one. “

In this way rectal swab it will not be used as broad as it is not as convenient as a nasal swab.

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