“La Boutique Collection Resort 2021 “Rowling True the Sun’

Leading fashion brand ‘La boutique delivers fresh ideas. Showcasing the collection of resort 2021, ‘Rolling thought the sun’, inspired by lifestyle culture. Of young Americans in the 1970s, conveyed to an endless amount of unisex clothing that can be mixed and matched.

La Boutiques Collection Resort 2021 ‘Rowling True the Sun’

Discover the style that stands out this season with leading fashion clothing brand ‘La Boutique’ (La boutique). With the creation of the resort collection of the brilliant creative director of the brand Patcharawat. Trakarn Santikul In the ‘Rolling thought the sun’ collection. ‘Rolling thought the sun’ brings out the 1970s lifestyle of American youth with a favorite lifestyle.

Skateboarding sports To be portray on clothes in a sporty style. It is cool design. There are variety of items feature as a unisex. This is the first time ‘La boutique’ has created this style of clothing. To create the freedom to dress for fashionistas without rules.

‘La Boutique’, a fashion brand for women. Under the concept of ‘Neo-Romantic’. That conveys the beauty of fashion with a touch of memorable artistic history combine with contemporary ideas. Forged through a creative design perspective into fashionable design apparel. With exquisite sewing typical of French-style high-class boutiques. Allowing the wearer to have a distinctive charm beyond anyone, from everyday life to party at night.

Patcharawat Trakarn Santikul The main design concept of this collection said: “In this collection, we want to inspire people to come out. To have fun in the sunshine. And more natural.

The designers team also mixed up the concept of modern romance

The designers team is mix up the concept of modern. At the heart of the brand ‘La Boutique’ (La Boutique) by using an A-line silhouette. And the editing of patterns is use to create a distinctive feature of the clothes in this collection. Ready to reinforce the young ‘La Boutique’ (La Boutique) with a bodysuit off the shoulder.

A crop top shirt, a shoulder top, a scarf and a hair tie decorate with a stylish print. It like chain and body. There are intersperse with classic black and white colors that make the clothes stand out. It is the uniqueness of the accessory concept. The lettering design of the word LABOUTIQUE. As well.

2021 Resort Collection

For the 2021 Resort Collection ‘Rolling thought the sun’. The designer team has brought core inspiration from the culture of young American living. 1970 unique in the sport of skateboarding It began with the Ocean Festival (Ocean Festival). Where all young people will come out to compete in skateboarding with fun. 

In the midst of the beautiful sunlight that collides with palm trees swaying in the wind on the road parallel to California beaches. Such cultural beauty. With a configuration technique Oversized as the main silhouette of the collection. In the transcription of unisex in the form of sportswear. That creates a feeling of comfort.

To stand out in the style of La Boutique. With comfort to wear And can be picked up to match with other clothes Versatile.

The youngsters of La Boutiques can easily start mixing and matching with the unisex clothes in this collection, perhaps starting from bringing oversized Hawaiian shirts to match with jogger pants. And add character to look more sleek by bringing a scarf to tie in For men, it might be a match as a T-shirt. And matching printed pants And complete the look with a chain necklace And the sandal with gold chain accents will add a flair to the sporty look.

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