A public health emergency of Japan

A public health emergency of Japan. Getting into Japan In the months leading up to the Summer Olympics In Tokyo in July, this is almost impossible. Unless you are a Japanese or a foreigner with a resident status. Because a public health emergency has been declare in most parts of the country. (Many areas have aske the government to cancel the emergency before the March 7 deadline),

Which means that it must be a really special case to be allowed to enter the country. But must pass a screening test for infection And go to quarantine in a quarantine facility.

The whole process is similar for thousands of Olympic athletes. Which will have to come to Japan for the Olympics. The plan was set to say Athletes must be teste 72 hours before leaving their home country. And had to check again when he arrived It will also have to be check several times when in the “bubble” area of ​​the athlete village. Along Tokyo Bay

The AP news agency reported Japan

The AP news agency reported on the strict control measures. In dealing with the number of people coming to Japan And what will happen to athletes During the Olympic Games

Start on the plane Before disembarking upon arrival Passengers are require to fill out a form call a “Kenko Card” to indicate where you have been in the last 14 days and where you have been quarantine for 14 days when in Japan.

Quarantine is very important. Because of the emergency in Japan There is a mutated virus in Japan. People traveling from 3 countries and regions: the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland and parts of Brazil.

Must be quarantined in a state-designated quarantine facility Usually this is a hotel near the airport for at least the first 3 days. Anyone who has a negative result of the first 3 days of testing can leave this state-mandated quarantine facility. But had to keep himself in another place for another 11 days

Getting out of the airport Japan

Getting out of the airport and entering Japan Upon arrival at an airport in Japan, they must be screened for infection at the airport terminal. The results will come out in only a few hours. If it’s clear and safe The airport screening staff will guide you through the immigration process.

For people from 3 countries and regions There will be a free shuttle bus. Delivered to a state-designated quarantine facility But for others, you can choose to quarantine yourself. But must not use public transport.

They will verify that you have installed a COVID-19 tracking system. Is the app design by the Japanese government? This will be an online channel that can report your health symptoms. And must have access to the location as well As for people without cell phones A call has to be reported every day during the remaining 11 days

of detention. Your name and your country name will be reveal to the public. And even if you are a foreigner With a resident status of Japan You may be revoked. And deported to your country.

International Olympic Committee and Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee Has published a handbook for immigration procedures To 15,400 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from 205 countries and territories. The handbook will be update again in April and June, but until now, athletes will have to be available for examinations 14 days prior to their departure. That means that the temperature must be measured. Wear a mask And maintain social distance.

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