“The Earth started spinning a lot faster last year”

The world spins on its own fastest on record on July 19, 2020, experts add This year, time will walk faster than before, an average of 0.05 milliseconds per day.

It is true that humanity must be drained of its root in the transcendence of 2020, which is full of crises. Chasing since the Australian bushfires This continued with the fight against Major General Kazem Sulemani, one of Iran’s most powerful people. And the presence of cattle bail -19.

What happened in a leap year, where the world has increased to 366 days, may make people feel that time is awfully slow. However, scientists reveal a different truth. When the clock accurate reflection of the world that the planet moon revolves fastest record. It also tends to accelerate further.

86,400 seconds

As usual, the Earth spins around itself approximately 86,400 seconds (24 hours), but on July 19, 2020, it takes around 1.4602 milliseconds faster than usual (one thousandth of a thousandth of One second) is not enough. Compared with the record for the fastest rotation of the world in 2005 throughout the past year. The planet also smashed its own record 28 times.

Since the 60’s that has developed “Atomic clock” (atomic clock), which is accurate in checking time. The time it takes for the virtual world to spin slowly slowly. 

Peter Wibberley, senior researcher at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory Study on time. He confirm it is certainly true and the world rotates on its own faster than in the last 50 years.

Even what happened to the rotation of the world Normal people can hardly notice the change. But in modern communications and satellite navigation circles, there are different types of technologies that are based on these timeliness. That would be the first negative leap second added. Some scientists believe

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