“Joe Biden reveals US $ 1.9 trillion of COVID-19” remedial measures.

Joe Biden, the latest US elected president, announced the “American Rescue Plan,” or measures to remedy the effects of the COVID- 19 epidemic worth more than $ 1.9 trillion. It is aimed at a new round of cash distribution for Americans who are in need. And plans to distribute the COVID- 19 vaccine to control the spread 

Biden’s measures are as follows: 

  • Give away $ 1,400 worth of direct money to Americans. That would be combined with the US $ 600 that Congress approved last year. And resulting in total remedial payments of US $ 2,000 per person. 
  • Increase the unemployment benefit to US $ 400 and extend the welfare through the end of September. 
  • Increase the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour. 
  • Extend moratorium and real estate seizure through the end of September. 
  • Provide local government assistance of $ 350 million. 
  • Provide financial assistance to the basic educational institutions And a higher education system of US $ 170 million 
  • $ 50 million to invest in COVID-19 testing 
  • $ 20 million in state vaccination programs 
  • Making the annual child tax deduction possible in full Increase the child tax deduction to US $ 3,000 (US $ 3,600 for children under 6).

Biden also aimed to vaccinate 100 million Americans and opened a school to teach in his career.

“It is not difficult to see that we are in a time of another economic crisis. While there was also a health crisis The crisis of human suffering is clearly visible. We have to take action And have to act now We can’t ignore that, ”Biden said.

Joe Biden will take his oath next week, saying the deal is the first step in measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. And expecting to announce economic stimulus measures in the next month.

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