Covid-19: “Developing High Tech Protective Masks”

Racer, a computer game maker Said they made the world’s most technologically advanced face mask with a built-in microphone.

The company said that this mask prototype Which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with amplifiers for speakers. Resolves an issue where audio may sound blurry when wearing masks.

This mask design to have a constant ventilation system. It will transfer the hot air and pull the cold air in instead.

It made from the clear plastic, which allows the person to read the mouth and see the speaker’s face.

However, transparent masks are already commercially available. But the company said the It has a lighting system, and when it gets dark, the light inside the mask will automatically turn on It will shine around the lips.

Is it comfortable to wear? The BBC’s tech team hasn’t had a chance to try it yet. But Racer says the silicone covering your face will make you feel comfortable. And will not cause the skin of this mask to touch or hold on your mouth.

The computer game maker also said that bigger ear loops make them more comfortable.

The patented “Voiceamp” It is the most advanced technology component of this mask. The company says microphones and amplifiers built into the mask will make the wearer’s voice clearer.

A regular mask that covers the nose and mouth often makes the voice sound blurry.

This is a product that is still in concept development. Not yet available for sale And Racer has yet to answer the questions the BBC asked.

However, technology website The Verge told the BBC that The service life of the ventilation system that must be tested it in the further . And still don’t know when to change the air filter

Besides this mask, there are other items to look out for at this year’s CES merchandise usually held in Las Vegas. But this year, organized online, including

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